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The instant first appeal has been filed by defendant No. I Basantilal (since dead now through L.Rs) impugning the  
judgment and preliminary decree dated 22-12-1994 passed in favour of plaintiffs by second Additional District Judge.  
Guna in Civil Suit No. 4A/94. The facts in brief are, that the aforementioned suit was filed on 1st August, 1986 by  
the plaintiffs Smt. Shusheela Devi, Anita and Meena. Anita and Meena being minors, suit was filed on behalf of them by  
plaintiff No. 1 Shusheela Devi being their mother as guardian. Undisputedly, the plaintiffs are the widow and  
daughters of deceased Gendalal Sahu, who was he brother of deceased defendant No. 1 Basantila. Kanchanbai was the  
mother of Gendalal and Basantilal and Marobai is the daughter of Kanchanbai. Kanchanbai was defendent No. 2 in  
original suit. By mistake, she could not be arrayed as respondent in this appeal. When during arguments, the attention  
of appellant was drawn, by way of amendment, she has been arrayed as above. It has been alleged in the suit that the  
disputed house which is situated in Ashok Nagar town, the rough sketch of the same has been enclosed with the plaint,  
plaintiffs are having 1/3rd share. This house was ancestral property of Puran @ Punna, who was the father of  
Basantilal and Gendalal. Puran was original resident of in village Magrana Tehsil Guna. He was well to do person of  
the village, having his own house and agricultural land. On account of a dispute with some persons of the village, he  
left the village after disposing of his property and settled at Ashok Nagar, where he purchased a plot out of the  
receipts of the aforementioned ancestral property and constructed a kachha house thereon (hereinafter referred to as  
disputed house). Plaintiffs are also residing in this disputed house. In the year 1980. the husband of plaintiff  
Shusheela Devi died. After sometime when she went to her parental home for rakhi festival then defendant No. 1  
Basantilal, behind her back, got executed one Will dated 13th July, 1982 of the disputed house in his favour from  
Puran. At that time Puran was sick and suffering from also been alleged that her necklace of two tolas gold was also  
by defendant Basantilal. When plaintiff Shusheelabai returned from her parental home, she came to know about the Will.  
She obtained certified copy and filed this suit for declaration of her 1/3rd share in the disputed house, for  
partition of the same and claimed the possession of her share as per the partition. Relief of permanent injunction has  
also been claimed, that till disposal of the suit, defendant No. 1 Basantilal be restrained from dispossessing them  
from the disputed house and he be directed to return her necklace.  

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