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Minister Shajahan Khan apologises for insensitive remarks about deaths of students in crash

created Jul 31st 2018, 17:39 by MD. TARIQUL ISLAM



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He expressed his “sorrow and sympathy” over the accident “once again”, according to a statement issued by the ministry on Tuesday.He also wished the injured people a speedy recovery, according to the statement.“The minister has regretted his unacceptable conduct while replying to journalists’ questions on road accident at a shipping ministry programme on July 29,” the statement read.“Shajahan Khan has accepted the criticism for his behaviour of that day and urged all to forgive him for that day’s unintentional mistake,” it added. Being the executive president of the country’s largest transport workers’ organisation Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation, Shajahan faces criticism for taking the transporters’ side when any accidents occur or the workers do something wrong. Students protesting the deaths of their peers are now demanding resignation of Shajahan from the cabinet for “smiling while replying to the reporters’ queries on the accident” on Sunday. Netizens flooded the social media with angry reactions to the minister’s conduct. Speaking at a programme on Tuesday, the minister assured all of no objection from any transporters’ organisation for legal action against people responsible for road accidents, according to the statement. The minister also explained his behaviour to some TV reporters at his Secretariat office.  “It was a pleasure to have signed the deal (to purchase a mobile harbour crane) on July 29. Before speaking about the accident, I was smiling because of that deal,” he told the media. “And I may be always smiling,” he added.  The minister claimed he did not yet know about the accident when the reporters asked him about it.  “It was natural for me to say that steps will be taken as per law over accidents and none of us (transporters) has objections to that. Many are protesting against these remarks,” he said.  “After all, I want to say what happened was shocking. And I am personally shocked and sorry about that. “I urge all who were hurt by my smile to forgive me. Because I did it unintentionally without any knowledge of the accident,” he added.

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