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Linda Fisher

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 Linda Fisher was born in the Bronx, New York in 1952.  Her mom  
was an executive secretary who wrote Gregg and typed 120 wpm on  
a manual typewriter.  Linda first became enchanted with shorthand
at the age of 8, when she read a book about secret codes and started
a spy club.  In high school she trained in Pitman so her mother couldn't
read her diary.   
     Linda went on to receive a perfect score in her high school Regents
Examination and was her school's Commercial Valedictorian at the
age of 17.  She graduated with a shorthand speed of 120 wpm and  
passed a stringent Civil Service examination.  She began her stenographic  
career in a New York State psychiatric clinic, recording minutes of  
children's group therapy sessions and transcribing patient records.
     At the age of 19, Linda began working as a legal secretary; first
for patent and trademark attorneys and then for the Legal Aid Society,
where she was upgraded to Administrative Assistant to the Chief
of the Federal Defender Unit.  It was here she became introduced to
court reporting and enrolled in Stenotype school.  To support herself
through school, she began the Abraham Lincoln Typing Service, a
stenographic and tape transcription service where she cut her teeth
transcribing all types of materials, both live and dictated.

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