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acs traning center beohari cpct prievios paper taiping secson6

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    acs traning center beohari cpct prievios paper taiping secsonRailways minister Suresh Prabhu is doing the right thing by seeking to monetize assets and roping in SBI Capital Markets to help in the process however, the government  should help him find the Rs 32,000 crore needed to implement the seventh Pay Commission award it Railways, at least by deferring dividend payment. Being part of the Government is drag on the Railways, Apart from thwarting a commercial culture. Payment, being part of the government is thwarting a commercial culture, it imposes the pay commission award on the Railways, which should ideally pay market linked wages and salaries to its staff and put in place an incentive system suited for a business enterprise. If the government does not want to bear he Railways pay hike burden, the Simple solution would be to corporatize the Railways and let in fend for itself and it is likely to do very well, too. Deploring railway land around stations to develop commercial real estate through private sector partners, low cost debt from the Life Insurance Corporation and government, the Railways needs an autonomous regulator or set realistic tariffs, Once recant as a clutch of operation companies owned by a mammon holding company, commenting with one another and with private operators o rolling stock who pay the track and signaling Subsidiary the same fee as the rail Subsidiaries operating rolling stock, fare and freight would be set dynamically responding to competition and the stated of demand and supply, The value of the operating Subsidiaries can be discovered through stake sales and listing. Based on the value also discovered, each subsidiary of joint venture can raise additional resources for investment and the Railways will offer subsidies only when these are explicitly compensated for by. The Union Budget, Such an efficient commercial entity would over the d=medium term, generate substantial profits that would find their way to the central government as well. Such a transformation is a journey that the Railways cannot put off indefinitely, From December, agree Congress char minister Nab am Take sacked his finance minister Kalikow pool on charges of graft, pool has been stoking dissidence against his ferment boss. Inaja member assembly the congress had MLAS, of whinchat the rebel faction aims to control with the help of the BJP’s they open to upstage the existing regime,  

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