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to be successful

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People possess different point of view on advertising. Some people think that to be successful, a business should spend a lot of money on advertising, while others do not think that way. As for me, I agree that a business have to spend money on advertising in order to be successful. Below are three reasons to support my statement.
First of all, to be successful, a business must make a lot of profit and spending much money on advertising can make profit. For example, the convenient store, 7-11, business hired a superstar to advertise their coffee. In the advertisement, people watched their favorite celebrity enjoying cup of coffee with 7-11 logo and then want to have the same enjoyment. Although the advertisement with a famous icon costed 7-11 a lot, it boosted the sale of 7-11 coffee and made a big profit. Evidently, advertising indeed helped 7-11 to be a successful company.
Secondly, for being successful, a business have to be a famous and spending a lot of money on advertising makes a business well known. Take McDonald for example, we know the big yellow 'M' represents huge burger and fries because of the advertisement on TV broadcasting all the time. In other words, Mc Donald is so popular that people directly think about it when they want to eat some comfort food. Therefore, Mc Donald had long been the biggest fast-food company which all the world knows.
Finally, having royal customers is important for a business to be successful and investing money in advertising can attract royal customers. Take Apple for example, every time Apple releases the newest iPhone, this company spend a lot of money to hold a big show for advertising their product. In fact, this fantastic advertising show attracts not only original Apple lovers but also other curious users. After the advertising show, more and more people become Apple's loyal customers. As we know, the company has been the most successful technology company for years.
To sum up, making a lot of profit, being famous and being having royal customers are crucial for a business to be successful and advertising can help to do so. That is, I completely agree that a business should spend money on advertising in order to achieve success.

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